Axiom Envy

Axiom Envy

The Axiom Envy is the first putt & approach disc in the new Axiom line. Compared with the MVP Ion and Anode, this disc is beefier and has a thicker wing. The Envy is a slower, more overstable, putter that is stable at high speeds with a dependable drop. It is described as a uniquely “lid-like” putter. This new disc will still feature MVP’s overmold GYRO technology.

What Team Iron City Thinks:

The Envy is everything you need out of a throwing putter. In the Electron plastic, this disc will start off with a straight flight and a healthy amount of fade at the end. However, after just a couple of rounds, it will beat into a dead-straight flyer that's perfect for woods golf or any approach shots. The Electron Envy is a game-changer. - Tyler Batchelor

The Envy is the first disc I ever fell in love with. I started throwing it in 2017. For a short time, I couldn't get my hands any so as soon as I found some I bought as many as I could. It is one of if not the most consistent throwing putter's in the game right now. I would recommend this to players new and old. For newer players, this disc will go straight and finish slightly left. More advanced players will find this disc a straight shooter that you can control however you want. - Will Pomeroy

Quickly becoming a go to for upshots and shot holes. I have one in electron and one glow which is more over stable. Great for beginners on up. - Jason Barksdale