Innova Hawkeye

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Innova Hawkeye

If you seek predictability and accuracy in a fairway driver, look for the Innova Hawkeye. "This is a disc for staying on the fairway," says Innova disc designer and co-founder Dave Dunipace. At faster speeds, it flies straight with a glide that carries exceptionally far. For players with less power, it has a consistent, mellow fade. All of this adds up to accuracy... the hallmark
of the Hawkeye.

What Team Iron City Thinks:

I'm a sucker for Innova's Halo plastic. I was at Dynamic Discs Iron City one day and I saw the new Halo Hawkeye. I bought it because it was pretty, but it has quickly become an integral part of my bag. It is a neutral fairway driver that just wants to go straight. At high speeds, the Hawkeye will turn a little but it has a reliable slow fade. Put a little hyzer on it and it flips up and flies straight with a slight fade at the end. The Halo plastic looks and feels great, and it holds up as well as any plastic I have thrown. The Hawkeye is one of those discs that fit all skill levels and arm speeds. Beginners will find it fun and easy to throw, and pros will find useful and reliable. - Michael Davis 29933