MVP Fission Wave

MVP Fission Wave

The Wave is the second wide-rimmed high-speed distance driver released in the MVP line. This disc is moderately stable and described as a longer Inertia. For high-speed throws, the Wave will exhibit long gliding turnovers and hyzer flips.

MVP Disc Sports Fission Microbubble Technology produces an ultralight disc core with evenly distributed, imperceptible weight reducing microbubbles that give MVP discs lighter weights, and even more GYRO density.

Flight Numbers: 11,5,-2.5,2

What Team Iron City Thinks:

The Wave is the real MVP! It's my main driver for long tees and long second shots for both forehands and backhands! It’s an understable distance driver that flies in the shape of an elongated, gentle wave. It's a versatile disc that can be used for really long anny lines that you want the disc to hold, without turning into a cut role. What I love about this disc is the lightweight option, ease of use, and smaller rim! - Lauren Lee