Westside VIP Stag

Westside VIP Stag

The Westside VIP Stag is a stable fairway driver that is precise and reliable. With a smaller rim design and good release it is great for any player. This disc golf driver has a straight flight path and amazing glide. Professionals will find the Stag to be a straight tunnel disc that finishes with a hyzer. Lower arm speed players will see it finish left with a little less flare than other drivers with the equivalent flight level.

Speed 8, Glide 6, Turn -1, Fade 2

Stag Specs:
Max weight 176.0 grams
Diameter 21.2 cm.
Height 1.8 cm.
Rim depth 1.2 cm.
Rim thickness 1.9 cm.
Inside rim diameter 17.4 cm.
Rim depth/diameter ratio 5.7
Flight plane thickness 0.2 cm
Flight plane to rim plane distance 1.6 cm
Rim configuration 29.25
Flexibility 9.30
PDGA certificate number 12-40
PDGA Air plastic approval number 13-23

VIP plastic is the most durable, has a tacky grip, glossy finish and transparent. It is super abrasion resistant and maintains original flight characteristics throw after throw.

These are all RED @ 173g